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Here at Bulls & Bears Media we are passionate about taking the “mystery” out of trading and investing. We believe the average person should have some practical advice on how to approach the financial markets.

You see…. the markets have been in existence since 1792. Many people have built wealth and created a steady stream of income by understanding and applying good rule-based strategies. The problem is, where do you learn these strategies?

Part of our love for the markets is based in the fact that anyone who understands the above-mentioned strategies can truly have success. The markets are a place for people to get back control over their financial lives. You can do this whether you have significant capital to invest or even if you have very little money available. The key is to begin!!

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It’s not that complicated. It’s not difficult. It’s just different! We believe once you learn these skills….the sky is the limit!


The goal of Bulls & Bears is to pull back the curtain on the financial market industry. It is an arena dominated by Wall Street institutions and the retail trader/investor (you and I) typically and frequently loses out. Most of those retail traders/investors have no plan to succeed. They enter the market blindly without an understanding of what makes the markets move!

Our goal is to give you a basic understanding of what drives price movement in the market with the ultimate goal of helping our followers to be able to profit from the moves and turns in the market. Once you grasp this strategy, you can employ it both for short term income from the markets as well as longer term retirement/investment strategies.

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Bulls and Bears is committed to sharing our simple, rule-based system with anyone who cares about their money.

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